Emotional Rotor-Rooter

Emotional Rotor-rooterThe situation associated with this stone is just as uncomfortable as it sounds. Whatever situation this points at – there is a huge emotional upheaval happening.

This is notice that it is an important cleansing process. If the stones that indicate this situation are near this stone then you have really been going through it. This is no news to you, as it is very apparent.

Sometimes to heal an infection, you need to scrub off the scabs to clean out the wound. It is more painful at the moment, however, it will truly heal in a way that it would not have if it had been left to fester. Emotional Rotor-rooter cleans out the emotional festering.

Window of the Soul

WestHere is the stone that holds the energies of the West: the place of emotions, the adult, dreamtime, and the element of water. When I first set up the circle this stone was insistent, and quite clear that it belonged in the West in the circle. There was no arguing with it. It is a stone that has been with me for many years, and I have used it extensively for it’s incredible abilities. It is a smokey, veiled quartz and acts as a catalyst as it helps one to access sourl messages, lucid dreamtime, and channelled information.

Personal Power

Personal PowerThe Personal Power stone dances in her power, instilled with visions and dreams arisen through her rooted feet and lifted up in exultation by natural attraction to the big ball of inspirations energy above. This stone speaks of being aligned in reality with your personal purpose, living your visions, and being empowered by that place of absolute integrity. Any stones landing in alignment with this one have something to do with your life’s purpose, and speak of how that purpose is becoming manifest and expressed. Should the Cloud stone land nearby, for example, it would indicate that your visualizations are aligned with your life’s purpose.  If, on the other hand, the Stress stone were to land very near Personal Power, it would indicate that somehow, even though you seem to be aligned with purpose, you have made the endeavor “a job.”  Perhaps you have “should” on yourself. Shake it off, center in the joy and thrill of it, and it will become alive with power for you once again.

South – The Southern Dancer

SouthThe Southern Dancer is a fancy dancer – Rainbow woman. She reflects the Northern lights in her skirts, where they fold and mesmerize as she twirls and kicks to the drum beat of the Mother heart. The light is set free into its myriad colors by her prismatic visage . All of the aspects of a persons life-walk are reflected here.

The South is the Physical Direction. It has to do with innocence, children, animals, and physical reality. Although one might think this is mundane or straightforward, the rainbow in her skirt reminds us of the ability of physical reality to transform at anytime; that physical reality is the world of appearances, and that those appearances are transitive.


South-East or Infusion

SE CitrineIn my circle this crystal is a semi-rutilated citrine crystal. The black spikes are at its’ base and the tip is a clear golden crystal The Southeast is marked here – the balance point between spiritual and physical. Here all physical impurities are infused and cleansed by the golden amber light of Spirit. All spiritual principals or ideas are grounded in physical reality. It is the place of earth or nature-based spirituality and indicates a balance between physical and spiritual directions on our map.

Whole and Perfect

Whole and perfectThis stone has interior cracks in it which causes it to appear broken. It looks like it is missing a big chunk. In actuality, the surface of it is smooth and complete. It is not broken at all. Just like the stone, no matter how broken you appear to be to yourself or others, you are in truth whole perfect and complete just as you are.

Little Bird


Little bird sits in the South East quadrant of my circle. Little birds naturally sing joyously all day long for the pure joy of it, in full bodied gratitude for the gift of life.  Rejoicing in life fully, little bird blesses us with the song of Spirit.  Any other stones landing near Little Bird are somehow attached to your joy and your gratitude. This is a conscious practice, and the involvement of this stone in your reading means that you are working consciously to appreciate your gifts in life, and to experience true joy.

We begin in the East


Usually, I start setting up the Stones of Change Medicine map in the East (to my right – which may or may not actually be true East), so we will begin in the East. This is the spiritual part of the map. It  is the place of birth, where the Great Masters reside, a place of prayer, a place of new beginnings, light, morning,  spring, religion, and spirituality. It is an beginning end of the Blue Road and masculine.
Stones that hold the circle in the East have something to do with spiritual aspects, beings, or characteristics, such as: the light of spirit, joy, truth,destiny, Christ, angels, guides, Goddess, spirit healing, surrender, Buddha, enlightenment etc. When casting stones land in the East, they have to do with spiritual aspects, practice, beliefs or morals.

Any of the ‘negative’ readers are exalted when East of the meridian (the middle), so they take on a more refined, and sometimes even positive, meaning. In the Northeast, stones reflect a philosophical attitude, whereas in the Southeast, stones express a more visceral spirituality.

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