How’s It Done?

Medicine WheelThe Medicine Wheel acts as a map for the Stones of Change reading. Every stone that makes up the circle has unique meaning, and is placed by direction and meaning in it’s particular spot on the circle. The inner stones that are all lined up nice and pretty in this photo are gathered up. After a short meditation, contemplating the questions and situations one wishes to consider, and infusing those stones with that energy, the stones are cast within the circle.

The reading is based on the relationships between the stones, wherever they land. To begin with, we look at the relationship of one casting stone to another, where in the Wheel the stone lands, as well as the relationship between the casting stone and the nearest circle stone. This is just the starting place. Next, we look at many other layers of relationships between stones and their placement in the map, digging deeper to discover the causes or underlying circumstances of the current situation.

Readings can be as simple or complex as one wishes to delve. I have whizzed through introductory 15 minute readings, and only stopped readings after almost 3 hours because of outside commitments.

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