About Dena

Dena McKitrickDena McKitrick has had an intuitive connection with rocks and stones all of her life, so it is not necessarily surprising that the Stones of Change came to her in meditation. Her spirit path training and experience is an eclectic mix of old and new, East and West.

That diversity, including 13 years study with Swami Tay, Urban Shaman training with Serge King, Kahuna healing with Laura Kealoha Yardley, 15 years of traditional sweat lodge and other ceremony, Alpha Awareness training, and Medicine, Goddess and Women’s circles is blended in her being as well as her readings and healing work. She has taught and/or lead ceremony in various places, including Women’s Wisdom Circle.

Dena is also an accomplished artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and creative spirit. Her artistic work is uniquely alive and rich in quality, as it reflects her dedication to being fully engaged in all that she works on. (You can view her artistic work at ArtistJoyful.com and her daily poetry at theDailyNapkin.com.)

Contact: Dena (at) StonesofChange.com  Or Phone: 916-600-7917

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