Readings and Fortune Sculpting
by “Gypsy Moon” Dena McKitrick

I empower individuals to sculpt their own fortune. By reading stones cast into a medicine wheel I provide the necessary insights – about what is really going on in a persons life right now, including: root causes, behaviors, attitudes and relationships that are influencing the situation – so that they may make informed choice and thereby create a life more to their liking.

A Stones of Change reading reflects many of the different layers of where you are on your life path right now. There are more than 60 casting stones, and over 120 stones in the medicine wheel. They each have a particular meaning. We cast the stones into the medicine circle, and through their relationship to each other and their placement on the map of the wheel they reveal your current situation.

Some things that are obvious to you will stand out, but even more useful is the stones ability to point out aspects of your life that may be hidden from you, beyond your current understanding, that you have not looked at or acknowledged, or that you have even denied. Here is the meat of it, the place where you can discover where and what changes you could make in your life to sculpt your fortune through the use of the stones.

The second part of a reading session is making those changes in your reading. As you change the reading, you actively set the intention of making specific different choices which will change your experience. Next, should you wish energetic support as you change the outcome, Dena-“Gypsy” utilizes one of several different healing techniques (guided meditation, drumming, toning, or channeled Blessing, to name a few), to assist you in changing your perception and perspective.

Currently, Dena is available by skype. A photo and a recording of the reading can be made available upon request. Dena is available for readings in person in Sacramento, California only by special appointment. If you are interested in an in-person reading, please contact to make special arrangement.


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